About Us

Alice Paul House has been providing services to victims/survivors of domestic violence; sexual assault; other serious crimes; and juvenile offenders, for more than 40 years. We provide services to all men, women and children regardless of age, sex, ethnic background or sexual orientation. These services are provided at no cost to victims, and are CONFIDENTIAL.

APH Mission Statement

The mission of Alice Paul House is to educate, advocate, and empower all victims/survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, other crime and juvenile offenders.

In February of 1979 Mary J. Banks met with Lenore Patton to discuss the need to establish a crisis shelter for the Indiana community.

Alice Paul House was founded on March 1, 1982. The original shelter was run out of Mary’s own home. Soon she realized that the need for the shelter within the community was far greater than her home could provide.

1983 - 2015
Alice Paul House services expand to include victims of sexual assault, other crime, and victims of crime committed by juvenile offenders; as well as educational outreach.

Alice Paul House continues to expand their services to meet the needs of the men, women, and children victims/survivors and significant others of Indiana County.

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 "...so frightened and injured, she called me to save her."

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"Through the help of Alice Paul House, they helped me and my family obtain a Protection From Abuse Order and provided me with counseling and advocacy services."

Board of Directors

Luke Shively, President
Robin Gorman, Vice President
Donna Griffith, Secretary
Kelly Berfield, Treasurer
Audia J Boyles, Executive Director
Lani Dixon-Sheesley
Jackie Greene
Dana Henry
Kelly Howells
Jackie Greene
Justin Schawl
Clinton Smith
Lonie Brice, Member Emeritus
Millie Glinsky, Member Emeritus
Maria Lawer Jack, Member Emeritus
Maura Marcus, Member Emeritus
Christine Toretti, Member Emeritus
Anne White, Member Emeritus


Audia J Boyles- Executive Director
Whitney - Administrative Coordinator
David - Fiscal Coordinator
Paula - Grants Coordinator
Kayla - Counselor Coordinator
Sam - Education Coordinator
Jamie - Shelter Coordinator
Ricki - Fiscal Assistant 2
Natasha - Counselor Advocate 2
Michaela - Counselor Advocate 2
Keith - Counselor Advocate 2
Glenda - Education Advocate 1
Judy - Shelter Advocate 3
Tracee - Shelter Advocate 1
Melinda - Shelter Advocate 1
Darius - Shelter Advocate 1
Damon - Shelter Advocate 1
Tia - Shelter Advocate 1
Leah - Shelter Advocate 1
Jacqui - Victim Advocate 2
Alex - Victim Advocate 2